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I was a Design Draughtsman, Chief Draughtsman and Engineering Designer for Cambridge Consultants For 31 years until December 2005
During that time I designed special purpose machines and was part of the team that gave the world the Round tea bag.
I also looked after Mechanical CAD systems and did a significant amount of customising to simplify their use.
Since leaving I have spent a rewarding 6 years sharing my skill and experience with the younger consultancies around Cambridge.
To see some of the things I designed have a look here.
In my own time I make and play acoustic musical instruments - Guitars, Mandolins, Violins, and Northumbrian Bagpipes. I also build and fly Model Aircraft - mostly Controline but also some Radio Control.
I am currently working hard to recover my Northumbrian pipe playing and I have created some pages to help remember the tunes I am currently working on.
  1. Page 1. Tunes I am able to play from memory
  2. Page 2. Tunes I am working towards playing from memory
  3. Page 3. Tunes I have started working on
Updated August 11th 2021

The links below will direct you to the areas of my interests (click on the pictures):-

I was contracted to produce the drawings needed to recreate the 1898 Baldwin 2-4-2 LYN for the Lynton to Barnstaple railway. This is a working log of the work. My input is now finished and the Locomotive is now running on the Lynton to Barnstaple Updated 23/07/2021
The Design of Northumbrian Smallpipes for easy manufacture and use in mainstream school music education. Updated 22/07/13
Make yourself a set of Northumbrian small pipes. All the drawings and information to make a high quality set in either concert F or concert G Updated 22/02/16
I am working with Karen Tweed to explore the possabilities of improving the accordion. This page records the work to date Updated 04/10/2017
dc engines
Since I retired I have been keeping busy restoring old model aeroplane engines and making new ones. Here are some tales from the mill side. Updated 26/11/2013
Aeromodelling information. Mainly controline stunt and free flight with a little radio control thrown in. also Brian Turner's making a modern stunt engine in pictures complete with full drawings and 3D models. Updated 20/01/14
music links including a link to the ceilidh band I play with (in the picture on the left)
I have made a number of mandolins and here are some pictures and techniques I have gathered. Updated TBA
dennis of grunty fen
I used to play with a local bluegrass band called The Radio Cowboys. This page is mainly a historic memory of those days
I helped Pete Sayers to fit a new cone to his Dobro and took a few pictures along the way.

Pipe repertoir


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