Mike Nelson's Mandolin Page
Rib bending:
Pictures and descriptions on how to do this easily and safely

Thicknessing the ribs
Conversion of a pillar drill into a vertical drum sander

Arching method
This is an illustrated description of the method I was taught for violin family instruments

Chladni pattern plate tuning
This is an illustrated description of how I tune the plates of a mandolin. I first used this method when making violin family instruments.

Everything I know about how they work and how to use them.

Instrument gallery
Pictures of some the instruments I have made.

to other makers of repute.

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Simple plate contouring
without complex templates


Rib bending

rib thicknessing

Rib Thicknessing


Plate tuning

Chladni plate tuning method

Pictures of my instruments

Pictures of my instruments

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