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Great Eastern Ceilidh Company
ceilidh band
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ceilidh band
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Radio Cowboys homepageVisit and see the band posing for its holiday snap.
 Index To Mugwumps Online
Mandolin Cafe The place for lovers of the mandolin - pop in for lunch
MandoZine More mandoline resources
 Bluegrass Radio Network
Dawg Music  (not for the faint hearted)
 Mandolin Bros home page

Northumbrian piping Links and information

  • Joe Hutton, Northumbrian Piper
  • Making a set of Northumbrian SmallPipes

  • Instrument making resources

    pegasus cases Visit Sam Gifford maker of wonderful mandolin, guitar and bagpipe cases

    Lawrence Smart Instruments Fine mandolins by Lawrence Smart (also guitars)

    Guild of Amedican luthiers Guild of American Luthiers. If I lived in the USA I would subscribe

    Stewart Macdonald Stewart Macdonald Guitar Shop Supply My favorite instrument parts supplier

    David Rubio is Cambridge's most inovative and professional violin maker. His web site is a valuable source of information especially on the subject of finishing the violin. His instruments are some of the best being made anywhere in the world. David has worked with a number of the scientists at Cambridge University to unlock the secrets of the methods used by the great masters of the past.

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