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Restoring and making model aero engines
Progress log
updated 21/06/2012

I have started a few projects to make new engines and to restore some old ones. Here are some links to stuff about these projects. Some of the rebuilds and all of the new designs have drawings.

Restoration projects

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Bunch Aero Tiger Restoration
atom 1

1940 Arden Atom 2 restoration.
bantam 1

Bantam engine restoration
arden 1

Arden engine restoration
dc 1

DC engines
- still a work in progress

New Build projects

cut assy 1

Arden Super Atom 1.7cc
cut assy 1

2cc Nelson No. 1
2 of these completed and run updated 26/11/2013
cut assy 1

Nelson Mills 1.3cc
only a gleam in my eye at present
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