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Building the Arden Super Atom from castings
updated 28/05/2012
atom sketch

In May 2012 I purchased a set of castings for this engine from Ebay for just under 11. These castings are magnesium and very fine die castings. This wasn't an engine that I had planned to make but the more I researched it the more interested I got. I had some good advice from Ron Chernich and Ken Croft (two of the
Motor Boys) Ron also put me in touch with Eric Offen (another Motor Boy)who kindly offered me a set of plans.
There is a page of information about this engine on the model engine news page here.
I have ordered the fuel tank for this engine from Woody Bartelt and I now have a set of drawings (thank Eric)
I will keep a blog of progress here.

The tank parts have arrived from Woody Bartelt and I now have a set of drawings (thank Eric)
My first task is to use the drawings to produce a 3D model of the complete engine. This will give me a really good insight into the complexities of the machining and also be a source of information for the jigs I will need to make.
I have now modeled the major parts of the engine and this has shown up a number of missing dimensions and a couple of incorrect dimensions. I still have to model the timer and the tank.
case 1
The exploded view of the engine
case 1
The engine CAD model is nearly complete
This is the timer assembly
Having completed the CAD model I have found a small number of missing and incorrect dimensions. I do plan to do a set of drawings for my own build but, here are the changes and updates that I have penciled on to the drawings that I have.
I have also made a couple of minor changes to a couple of components to simplify manufacture. I have replaced the 2 semi-shears used to locate the front spring with riveted on parts so that I don't have to make special tooling to punch the semi-shears. I have replaced the insulating parts that consisted of 2 washers and a bush with 2 tophat bushes.
Drawing updates:-

Here is a PDF of the assembly drawing from the CAD model
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