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Silencer Silencer
The silencer is machined to the drawing above. The wall thickness is only 1mm so the spacing tubes shown above are very important. The outer tube must be a good fit to the inner diameter of the main tube. This is slid into place and the inner tube pushed through it. I then bell the end of the inner tube at both ends to make sure it doesn't fall out. Using this method the mounting bolts can be tighten with no chance of crushing the main tube. When assembling the main tube to the exhaust stub part I use a little JB weld to ensure that it doesn't leak.
The outlet tube on the drawing is drawn at 8mm I/D I sleeved mine down to 6.5mm and this worked well for me.
Another modification I would make is to move the main tube back 10mm on the exhaust stub as, if it is used in a full fuselage model with the engine inverted the nose of the silencer could get in the way of flicking the propeller.
The nose and tail caps are held in place with Loctite High Strength Retainer (see below)
The complete silencer weighs just 35 grams (1oz)

prop drive jig Silencer
The prop driver is a very firm fit on the crankshaft and I have put this tool together to make removal easy. The back part splits to allow it to be fitted and the front part is tightened against a nut on the front part of the crankshaft. The centre shaft of this is an accurate fit on the plug thread. I have put in 2 holes tapped M3 spaced for the G51 and 2 holes spaced for the LA46.

Loctite High Strength Retainer
Loctite 603 is designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts, particularly where consistently clean surfaces cannot be assured. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration. Typical applications include retaining roller bearings or oil impregnated bushings into housings.
  • Technology : Acrylic
  • Chemical Type : Urethane methacrylate
  • Appearance (uncured) : Green liquid
  • Fluorescence : Positive under UV lightLMS
  • Components : One component - requires no mixing
  • Viscosity : Low
  • Cure : Anaerobic
  • Strength : High
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