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Material and Part Suppliers

(updated 02/05/10)


Loctite high strength retainer

I use Delux Materials Aliphatic wood glue
Most model shops will stock it
A 3ml tube sufficient for several sets of pipes can be obtained from Radio Spares
It only costs a few pounds and is a really good product


The thread that I use to sew the bags and wrap the tenons is a single spun flax (could be linen) thread
I used to get it from a local saddler (an old boy now dead) but I did save a label from one of the spools and I have now identified the maker of this product:-

Barbour Threads Ltd
Hilden Mill
BT27 4RR
Tel: 028 9267 8048

Cork etc.
Dawkes Music Ltd. now deals with all Retail instrument and accessory sales through the shop (and instrument mail order) with Windcraft looking after all the repair materials, spare parts and Trade and Retail accessories by mail order.

Wind Plus Ltd.
Large stocks of pads, cork, felt, springs, and many other essential supplies for your woodwind repair business.

Model shop with lots of useful stuff

Brass and Nickel Silver Rod and Wire - J Smith and Sons

A very good supplied of all sorts of wood suitable for pipemaking is
John Boddys

Imitation Ivory
Imitation Ivory Vigopas P71
I bought my supply from an English company:-
Poole & Davidson
27 Magnolia drive
HP15 6RF
Tel: 01494 443932
They imported it from the manufacturer
Raschig GMBH
Mundenheimer StraBe
Telex: 04-64887 ralud
Tel: 0621 56181

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