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Pipe makers

(updated 09/05/10)

This is not (and never can be) an exhaustive list. I have gathered together some of the people who have influenced me over the years.
Colin Ross

Colin Ross has been one of the most influential makers of of Northumberland smallpipes. He is a registered silversmith and has been designing and building his own pipes since the early '60s. He turned professional in 1978. Colin has also designed and built Scottish smallpipes. Colins work is always inspired by 19th century pipemaker Robert Reid.
Colins pipes are some of the finest sounding professional instruments available. His waiting list is always measured in years. Another side of Colins influence is the playing of Northumbrian music. Colin is an accomplished traditional fiddler and has been a long time member of the High Level Ranters

David Burleigh
David is one of the most prolific makers of pipes. His web site is well worth a visit and a visit to his shop is always an interesting experience. David is also a fine player and has taught a considerable number of players over the years.

Archie Dagg

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