Human Blood Plasma processing Machine

Human blood plasma is collected by centrifuging to remove just the plasma and returning the rest of the blood to the donor. This plasma is stored at -40C and is processed in large quantities to extract the various factors, albumin etc. The requirements were to develop a machine to strip the frozen blocks out of the plastic bags they are stored in. This is very demanding as the frozen plasma bonds very strongly to the plastic. The machine shown here was designed and detailed by me using a 2D CAD package called Medusa. I also organised the manufacture, assembled the machine, wrote the PLC Program, developed the process and installed the machine in the processing laboratory.
This project required some innovative solutions to the difficult requirement of cleaning a complex machine after exposure to human blood plasma, one of the best growing mediums for bacteria. The machine could be prepared for use in just 20 mins thus allowing more efficient use and significantly reduced contamination. The machine was designed as a set of sub assemblies for autoclaving and a main body that was pressure washed.




here to see a simulation of the cutter opening mechanism

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