Rolling Loop Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal transfer printing is used to apply changing information such as
Use By Dates to packaging. Until the Project at CCL the printing process required the packaging line to be momentarily stopped while the printing takes place. I was asked to find a solution that would enable the printing to take place on a moving web.
When thinking about methods to achieve this I decided that those parts that had been stationary (printer ribbon & web) should move and those parts that had moved should remain stationary (print head) and I came up with the rolling loop/shuttle drive to achieve this. The proof of principal test rig was built and the client was able to show the prototype printer in operation at the trade show a few months later. This was an extreemly successful project completed on time and within budget. The client also was able to patent the method and so significantly increase his market share.
For this project,completed in 1994/5, I was both project leader and Designer. The design was done using 2D Medusa.




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