Gourmet coffee and hot chocolate making and dispensing Machine

I was involved in the design of a Coffee making machine for a major UK company. This machine was designed for installation in large public places such as Motorway service stations, Tescos and other similar places where a machine to dispense Gourmet expresso, filter and cappuccino coffee plus really fine hot chocolate would attract customers. The machine grinds the coffee from beans freshly for each cup and delivers fresh steamed and /or foamed milk from an internal fridge. The machine also self-cleans and reports any faults directly to the client company.

I have been responsible for the design of 5 of the 7 major mechanical elements in the machine including the brewer unit, the milk preparation unit, the cleaning system, the cup delivery unit, and the fridge and its trolly. I also have also worked closely with the styling company who created the look of the machine to integrate the mechanical design.

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