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Building my UK Teosawki


In 2014 I finished a TEOSAWKI (The End Of Stunt As We Know It)
This is an interesting design by Clayton Smith who died in 2010 and it was only available as a ready to fly model from Clayton in the USA. I am not aware of any that made their way over to the UK. Everybody I have heard from who has flown one claims an excellent performance from it.
Update: I have had a few flights with this model now and it is a really good flyer. The CG came out spot on the centre of the spar and the dry weight was exactly 32oz. It flew well and will be better when I have got it better trimmed. I feel as though I am holding some down on when I am flying and the speed is a bit quick (4.5sec/lap) and a bit short of range 4.5 mins on the tank that prefiously gave me 6.5 mins when I had the same engine combination in my Mo-Best. I made a new venturie and started off with a 7.4mm hole with a 4mm spraybar and this is too big I think. Next time out I will use a 7mm venturie and I will probably reduce the nitro from 8% to 5%.
It turns well in both directions and has a sufficiently sharp corner for the squares.I still have some tweaking to do to the engine run but it would probably be competative (in more practiced hands).

I have created this page for the drawings and build pictures to help others build their own versions.

The drawings
PDF Files

dxf Files
I have made the leading edge cutting jig similar to the one shown used by Lester Haury for his Streamer Shuttle leading edges. Here are some pictures of it and the leading edges I made
le jig
The jig set up for slotting the spars and leading edge.
le jig
large end of slot cutting guide.
le jig
Jig set up for cutting the leading edge.
le jig
Cut leading edges.
Click here for a link to a youtube video demonstrating a good way of cutting leading edges.
Click here for a link to a youtube video demonstrating framing up the wing.
Click here for a link to a youtube video demonstrating assembling the leading edge.

Some build pictures of my first TEOSAWKI
le covering parts le covering partd
Covering the leading edge - the covering is laid face down on a flat surface and the back evenly coated with a 50/50 thinned white glue. parts ready for assembly Leading edge covered in light Christmas wrapping paper Built up stabiliser
te covering parts le covering le covering
fitting the trailing edge - I use an accurate angle measuring tool to ensure that the tip ribs are correctly aligned. Leading edge assembly - joined but not sanded
Adding the ribs
Trial fitting the rear fuselage

Pictures of other examples
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4 5 6
leading edges.jpg
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