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I am an Enginering Designer and worked for Cambridge Consultants For 31 years until December 2005
I design special purpose machines and was part of the team that gave the world the Round tea bag.
I also looked after Mechanical CAD systems and did a significant amount of customising to simplify its use.
In my own time I make and play acoustic musical instruments - Guitars, Mandolins, Violins, and Northumbrian Bagpipes. I also build and fly Model Aircraft - mostly Controline but also some Radio Control.

Machine Design service available in the Cambridge area.
After 30+ years as an Engineering Designer working in a major consultancy my skill and knowledge is now available for hire by the hour. Visit this area for a summary of the experience I have to offer and to check on my availability.

Recreating the Baldwin 2-4-2 LYN for the Lynton to Barnstable railway.

Bluegrass and other music
This area is really a compilation of all the areas of music I am interested in. I have included a lot of interesting links to makers of instruments, suppliers of parts and other things of interest. There is a section with a lot of mandolin music in ABC format.

Making, Playing etc. This is the place where you can see pictures of the latest instrument I have made and also find some descriptive material on some of the techniques I use in the construction. I am also collecting Bluegrass tunes and instrumental breaks for the mandolin in ABC format

I recently fitted a new Quarterman cone to a 1930's Dobro. See some pictures and read how I did it
Northumbrian Pipe Making Manual:
This is a comprehensive online manual on the construction of the Northumbrian Smallpipes. There are still a few small areas to be completed but all the main information and drawings are there
Radio Cowboys Homepage
The Radio Cowboys have now disbanded but here are a few pictures and old information.
Some links and pictures of a bunch of my controline models.


Want to talk mandolins?


Fit a new cone to a Dobro


Aeromodelling links


The Design of a set of Northumbrian Smallpipes for use in mainstream school music education.

dennis of grunty fen

Radio Cowboys


Bluegrass stuff


Make yourself a set of
Northumbrian small pipes

Mike Nelson