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I am helping Karen Tweed with the restoration of a number of old accordions. The plan is to restore what is restorable, use the parts of any that are beyond repair for prototyping the lightweight accordion project and sell those that are in good working condition. I have listed them below and pictures of them can be viewed by clicking on the links. As I get further into the project I will do a photo appraisal of each instrument.
I have started with the Traviata as it is quite simple but approachable. Initial checking revealed that 2 of the keys were very sticky and I am addressing that. The leather valves on the reeds were all very curled so I have replaced most of them. I have started tuning the reeds using a tuning table I have just built.

  1. A 1930s Pietro Italian 120 bass piano accordion, in attractive deep pink pearloid case and Art Deco keyboard design.
  2. A c1930s Pietro 120 bass piano accordion, in black finish and diamante insets.
  3. A 1930s Traviata 32 bass piano accordion, in red pearloid finish. (Weight = 4.5Kg)
  4. A 1930s Italian P.Ficosecco Castelfidardll 120 bass piano accordion in pearloid finish, highly decorated with diamante embellishment.
  5. A Scandalli "550" 120 bass piano accordion, in grey pearloid finish decorated with diamante insets.
  6. A 1930s Paolo Soprani Italian 120 bass piano accordion in black finish with diamante embellishment with case.
  7. A 1930s Soprani-Settimio 'cardinal' 120 bass piano accordion, in blue pearloid case with diamante embellishment.
  8. A 1930s Pancotti 120 bass piano accordion in Wedgwood blue pearloid finish, fretwork and diamanté decoration.
  9. A 1930s Santianelli Italian 48 bass piano accordion in attractive pale pink pearloid case.
  10. A vintage Rauner eight bass piano accordion, ivory pearloid finish.
  11. A c1918 Cesare Pancotti 36 bass piano accordion in wood finish, with semi clad female figures around trademark.
  12. A c1930s Alvari 12 bass piano accordion, suited to a child or beginner.
  13. A c1930s ludwig 8 bass piano accordion, childs/student model.

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