Joe Hutton's Piping Course pictures

2015 (waiting for pics)
2014 (waiting for pics)
2013 (waiting for pics)
2012 (waiting for pics)

Jimmy Little, Di Jevons and Sue Clarke

Mike Nelson, Richard Cooper,
Andrew Burns & David Somerville

Carolyn Robson

One of the advanced groups performing

One of the advanced groups performing
(need a replacement for this picture)

Anthony and Heather Robb fiddles
with Jimmy Little and Pete Clark
Pictures of people associated with the Piping Course

Alistair Marshall, Mike Ward and Mike Nelson

Gordon Mooney (with Kate Dixon behind)

Graham Dixon, Hannah Hutton, Joe Hutton &
Carolyn Dixon (no relation) Probably in Edinburgh around 1982

Richard Cooper, Sue Clarke & Di Jevons

Greg Smith, Graham Dixon & Jock Thompson

Mike Nelson Pete Clark & Nick Leeming
preparing the tutors breakfast.
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